Ezzy's Playlist


Well this project has been long overdue, but nonetheless it's now available. My name is Ezzy, one of the co-founders of Hazy. Me and friend Rashed put together an ensemble of songs we play on our travels to work. Based either on the mood, weather or if its the Monday to your work week, music helps get your mind right.

The title of this weeks playlist is "The Commuter's Guide", which will feature various genres suitable for various journeys. I would advise to not have the playlist on shuffle, as we designed the playlist to sync with each other, but to each their own, just want to share it as a disclaimer.

We will be sharing more playlist in the weeks to come. Furthermore we would like for you to share of your own gems you feel would mix with the playlist. We will feature them as the top 5 honourable song choices you suggest in the comment section below.


New this week we have added a podcast to our playlist for those we enjoy a good

discussion while driving or walking to work, these women's conversation will not disappoint.

Podcast this week is from PS I LIKE IT RAW on their 11 episode


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